About Us

Godly Fierce Boutique launched September 18, 2016 offering plus sized clothing that’s trendy but with a Godly theme in mind.  The business was founded by Pastor & Author Laquanda Everett.  We serve sizes 12 and up for those wanting to own their individuality with pride.  This is a business who will listen to it’s clientele about style and trends which will influence by you.  You will be able to rate clothing as well as list your own reviews.

We will be offering weekly specials as well as seasonal specials geared towards making both your body and your purse very happy.  We will also be hosting special events and fashion shows to be advertised on our Facebook page as well as various online and local/national media outlets.  You will have the opportunity to join our mailing list so you can personally get specials, discounts, and invitations to special events.

We can be contacted here on our website and on our Facebook page by clicking the Facebook Icon on the top right hand side of the page. As stated earlier, this site was created with you in mind and will continue on with your suggestions so if you have any questions about site issues, returns, trends, or anything please e-mail or call us and you can find our contact information in our Contact Us page.

About The Founder: Author/Apostle Laquanda Everett

Laquanda Everett is the founder of Godly Favor Publishing, Overseer of Godly Favor Intl. Ministries and the founder of Godly Fierce Boutique. She is a mother of four and native of Florida. Laquanda’s goal is empower all women to look, walk and feel power in every area of their lives. She not only a preacher of the gospel. However she is a author, publisher and fashion icon. She known for her high style taste in clothing. This very taste has birthed Godly Fierce Boutique.